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Radiance Cosmetic Braces at Edinburgh Orthodontics

This cosmetic brace, available at Edinburgh Orthodontics, is manufactured by American Ortho. Designed for patients who wanted a truly cosmetic brace which is nearly invisible.

Polished Clear Sapphire Brackets

Each bracket on Radiance cosmetic brace is made from a single clear sapphire crystal which is grown, heat treated and polished to make it exceptionally smooth to the touch. Clear sapphire crystals are exceptionally hard and the Radiance brace is designed to be the strongest ceramic brace available. Orthodontic specialists at Edinburgh Orthodontics are skilled and experienced in the fitting, adjusting and removal of Radiance Cosmetic Braces.

Patient Experience with Radiance

Radiance Cosmetic braces are smooth to the touch making them safe and comfortable in use. Once fitted in place the clear sapphire crystal brackets of Radiance braces are virtually invisible, which is important to many adult patients both in their business and social lives. The Radiance Brace, constructed with mono-crystalline brackets which have a highly polished surface, maintain a great appearance as they are resistant to staining.

Treatment at Edinburgh Orthodontics

Once your radiance clear ceramic braces have been fitted at Edinburgh Orthodontics, they normally need to be adjusted every 6 weeks. Treatment can last from 6 - 18 months, depending on the nature of your problem. At the end of your treatment the clear crystal brackets of the Radiance Ceramic Brace have been designed to be easily removed.

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