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Private Care for Adults

An increasing number of adults are undertaking orthodontic treatment to improve their smile by having their teeth straightened using discrete braces and aligners. Orthodontic treatment with aesthetic appliances are available only as private treatment.

Private Care for the under 18s

The number of under 18s being treated privately is also increasing as NHS funding is only available for cases which meet NHS criteria. Only moderate to severe cases are currently being funded and there will be a delay between your assessment visit and treatment starting.

Advantages of Private Care

Private treatment at Edinburgh Orthodontics has clear advantages for both adults and children.

  • Your first appointment can be arranged with a minimum of delay
  • Treatment can be started as soon as practicable after your assessment
  • More flexible evening and "after school" appointment times
  • "State of the art" efficient braces can only be used in privately funded treatment
  • Option to choose invisible braces, clear ceramic braces, or clear aligners
  • Time built in to appointments to enable two way discussion and involvement

Your First Visit to Edinburgh Orthodontics

At the first visit you will be seen by a specialist orthodontist who will examine you and give you a clear explanation of what can be achieved and discuss with you which options and choices suit you best. The cost of an assessment visit is £110.00. As a private patient our specialist orthodontist will have time to fully discuss your individual treatment plan with you.

Cost of Private Orthodontic Treatment

Before any treatment starts you will receive an individual treatment report in writing which includes a section setting out the cost of treatment and the payment options. You will always know the cost of treatment before any treatment commences. sets out the costs of treatment. Orthodontic treatment in adults is often in the price range of £2550 to £7700. We also offer an option to spread the cost of your treatment.

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