You have now been wearing your retainers for at least 10-12 months.

The bone around your teeth will now have matured. There will still be a little tension in the gum fibres around your teeth. Your teeth will continue to move if you do not wear your retainers as advised.

If you are wearing your retainers every night, now try every second night. If they feel tight, return to wearing the retainers every night.

If all is well, continue every second night for 1-2 months, then try every third night. If they feel tight, return to wearing your retainers every second night.

If all is well continue to wear your retainers 2/3 nights per week. This is necessary in the longterm.

Long Term Growth Changes.

Teeth move as you get older, even if you have never had orthodontic treatment. This is a normal part of aging. It can be very slight, or may cause more noticeable change. The risk of movement is greatest from 15-20 years of age, but change can happen at any stage in life.

If you want your teeth to remain perfect, we advise that you continue to wear the retainers 2/3 nights per week in the longterm.

If retainers are lost or broken, please contact the practice. There is likely to be a charge for replacements.

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