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Treatment for Children and Teens at Edinburgh Orthodontics

Edinburgh Orthodontics offer an expert orthodontic care for Children and Teens referred either as NHS or Private treatment. All NHS referrals must be forwarded by a Dentist. Only children with moderate to complex orthodontic problems will qualify for NHS treatment. Following our assessment and application for NHS funding if NHS funding is not granted we can provide "NHS level" treatment on an Independent Patient basis.

NHS Treatment for Children and Teens

Where a child is treated under the NHS the treatment is free except for the replacement of lost or damaged braces.NHS funded treatment normally involves the use of the traditional metal train track braces. Appointments are normally during school hours and take place every 6 to 8 weeks over the 12 to 24 month span of treatment.

Independent Patient

In cases where NHS funding is not made available due to the more minor nature of the orthodontic problem we offer an independent patient scheme which provides NHS style treatment at affordable cost which can be spread across the length of the treatment.

Private Treatment for Children

Private treatment offers a wider range of treatment using the latest techniques and braces and aligners from all leading manufactures such as Incognito, Damon and Invisalign Teen. There is no delay in waiting for approval and treatment can start immediately. During the periods of treatment appointments can also be arranged to work around examinations and the work commitments of parents.

Arrange an Assessment for Private Treatment

To arrange an assessment for private treatment fill out our online form, click here.

NHS Treatment Assessment

All assessments for NHS treatment must be initiated and sent to us by your dentist. Advise your dentist that you want your assessment to be carried out by the specialist orthodontists at Edinburgh Orthodontics . Dentist referral for is available here, click to download.

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