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Treatment for Adults at Edinburgh Orthodontics

Adults are increasingly opting for orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth and improve their smile and dental health. It is important to many adults that they look their best for business and social reasons and orthodontic treatment can improve their confidence and their smile. Modern orthodontic treatment using clear or virtually invisible braces and aligners enables treatment to be discrete, again this may be an important factor for adult patients.

Individual Treatment Plans at Edinburgh Orthodontics

Our specialist orthodontists can offer the widest range of modern techniques and work with you to develop an individual treatment plan which fully meets your needs. We will ensure that you understand your individual treatment plan and we will always give you details of the cost of treatment at the outset. The costs can be spread to make them affordable within your budget.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Right for You?

If you would like to find out if what orthodontic treatment can offer you an assessment appointment is the starting point. Complete our Private Treatment Assessment form which you can find by clicking here. Most adult orthodontic treatment is undertaken on a private treatment basis. Assessments requests for NHS funding must be made by your Dentist.

Providing You With Specialist Treatment

You may only have one opportunity to have orthodontic treatment, so it makes sense to come to specialist orthodontists who are expert in their field and fully experienced in all the latest orthodontic techniques and technology.

Your Orthodontist, Your Treatment Plan

Following your initial assessment visit to Edinburgh Orthodontics we will create a treatment plan for you and you will be seen throughout your period of treatment by the same orthodontist as we believe that this one to one relationship results in the best possible outcome.

Scotland's Orthodontic Specialists

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